Union Square

9 East 16th Street
5th Avenue & Union Square Park
New Classes Open Every Monday 6:30am
All Trainers
  • Dan Castillo

  • Jill Barger

  • Max Karp

  • Allegra Paris

  • Alexander Diana

  • Anthony Crouchelli

  • Evan Betts

  • Mark Delannoy

  1. Sold Out
  2. 12:30PM Max Karp
  3. 5:30PM Max Karp
  4. 8:30PM Instagram Night! Pro Photographer Takes Your Photo for FREE. Evan Betts
  1. 12:30PM Max Karp
  2. 7:30PM Sponsored by @tryheya Mark Delannoy
  3. 8:30PM Free Cocktails and Mocktails - Sponsored by @tryheya Mark Delannoy
  4. 9:30PM Free Cocktails and Mocktails - Sponsored by @tryheya Alexander Diana
  1. 1:45PM Max Karp
  2. 3:00PM Tony Robbins Theme Class! Anthony Crouchelli
  3. 4:00PM Free Cocktails or Mocktails Max Karp
  4. 5:00PM Free Cocktails or Mocktails Alexander Diana